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Do you have a tree in your yard you’ve been meaning to remove for a while now? Or maybe you encountered bad storm damage, or your tree just needs to be trimmed. 

No matter the reason, the good news is Wausau Tree Service Pros are here to help! We take pride in keeping the environmental beauty preserved. Our success track record of 20+ years helps us remove a tree safely and efficiently, irrespective of its size and complexity. And don’t worry — we come armed with the equipment, tools, and expertise to weed out high-risk trees. 

Our certified and professional tree removal team has worked on countless contracts for commercial and residential tree removal in diverse parts of Wausau. We get the compliance for your property and come to your site with the tree removal permit. 

Ready for a stress-free tree removal experience? Call our tree removal arborists now!

Wondering Why to Get Tree Removal Service?
Here Are Your Answers!

Trees Counting Their Last Breaths

Notice dying or dead trees in your yard surroundings? It must worry you when your family or pets walk by it. Don't worry - our tree arborists work efficiently and safely to remove dead or dying trees. And no, we don’t hurt or disturb the neighboring trees.

Emergency Tree Removal

Deadly storms and tornadoes sweep away anything which stands in between, including your yard trees. Safely removing a fallen tree is very important. We do not limit ourselves to such dire situations and visit your site equipped with tools and experience to ensure your safety.

Stump Grinding

Are neglected stumps causing a trip hazard on your property or leading to suckering fungal rot? Tree stumps can be a hazardous eye soar for the beauty and landscaping of your property. We quickly remove and grind tree stumps up to 24 inches below the grade (location permitting) with our hydraulic grinders.

Reduce Tree Overcrowding

Are your trees fighting for space in your yard? Restore your property’s beauty by offering each tree the space it needs and letting it thrive. We’ll sit with you to create a customized canopy plan and shape a new design for your yard. With our tree care experts, it would be easier for you to reimagine a clean and green yard!

Changing Landscaping Needs

Trying to switch up the aesthetics of your yard? From systematic tree removal to post clean-up to maintaining a lovely garden, we offer landscaping services that keep your yard feeling refreshed and blossoming. Just share your tree removal needs, and let our fully qualified team upgrade your outdoor space.

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Wausau Tree Service Pros is not your generic tree removal service company. We work to build long-term relations with customers. For us, your satisfaction and mental peace are of utmost importance.

Call us today for your tree-related needs, and we’ll help you find the best, most cost-effective tree removal solution to your problem.