Wausau, WI

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Got a Tree Emergency? Let Our Certified Tree Arborists Help You Promptly!

Wausau, WI, is used to extreme weather conditions. Mother Nature poses the continental climatic city to unpredictable fury and wrath in the form of severe thunderstorms, high winds, and occasional tornadoes. However, the aftermath can often leave you with extensive tree and property damage. 

Let’s be real – cleaning the mess afterward is an overwhelming and tiring process. That’s why you need Wausau Tree Service Pros – a reliable 24-hour storm damage cleanup service provider to help your property return to its beautiful self. 

Being a local and experienced tree service company, we’re well aware of the seasonal and weather patterns that may cause damage to your yard. So you can expect us to be prepared 24/7 for your emergency call. Whether it’s a fallen tree in the middle of the yard, branches hanging too close to your home, or a yard full of debris, we can help you quickly and efficiently.

So be it any hour of the day or night, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and skilled tree arborists are only a phone call away. Call us now!

Get 24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Tree Service - No Delays!

Navigating through the challenges of storm damage cleanup is not just exhausting but risky too. It’s best to leave the job to professionals like us who are equipped with safety gear and tools to deal with the aftermath.

If you’re in Wausau or any other surrounding area in Wisconsin, call us for immediate assistance with emergency storm damage tree service.

Emergency Tree Service in Wausau, WI — FAQs

If a tree poses an immediate danger or risk to your family, pets, property, or neighboring areas, you can approach our emergency tree service for immediate assistance. Be it fallen or leaning trees, broken branches hanging dangerously, or uprooted trees that may fall, they are all a safety hazard and possibly a life threat. So don’t hesitate to call the tree arborists at Wausau Tree Service Pros. 

A tree falling on your property during a storm or hurricane can be scary and risky. However, do not panic. Instead, follow the below-mentioned steps – 

  • First and foremost, ensure everyone in your family and around your area are safe. Do not go close to the tree or loose power lines, if any.
  • If it is possible, take photos of the damage as proof for the insurance company.
  • Talk to your insurance company to notify them of the damage. 
  • Do not attempt to remove the tree or branches by yourself. It’s risky, and you can cause more damage than good.
  • Call a professional tree service company like Wausau Tree Service Pros. We’ll reach the site shortly and fix the damage done by the storm.

Yes, we understand emergencies don’t come by invitation. They may present themselves at any time. Thus, we’re always available to offer storm damage clean-up emergency assistance, be it night or day.