Wausau, WI

Hunter Announces Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor For Water Savings

Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor is a Game Changer

Hunter’s release of the wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor is a game-changer for businesses that want to maintain their landscapes while also reducing water waste and costs. With the latest technology advancements, the Mini-Clik® sensor is now convenient and easy to integrate within new or existing irrigation systems. The wireless feature and long-warranty add to the long list of benefits that this sensor provides.


Hunter’s latest release of the wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor is a great stride towards water savings and energy-efficiency, while also providing an affordable and user-friendly solution for businesses. By making it easily installable, the benefits of having a rain/freeze sensor can be reaped by all industries, promoting landscape conservation and environmental responsibility.