Wausau, WI

New Video Series from NPMA: Guidance for Dealing with Stinging Insect Species

Key Points:


The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has recently released a new video series aimed at providing guidance for local business owners in the pest control industry. This series offers valuable insights and practical tips for dealing with various stinging insect species that can pose a threat to businesses and their customers. By equipping business owners with the necessary knowledge and techniques, the NPMA hopes to promote safe and effective pest management practices.

Dealing with Common Stinging Insects

The video series covers a range of common stinging insect species that business owners might encounter, including bees, wasps, and hornets. Each video delves into the specific characteristics and behavior of these insects, helping business owners identify and understand the potential risks they pose. Additionally, the series provides step-by-step guidance on how to safely remove and prevent infestations, emphasizing the importance of hiring professional pest control services when necessary.

Informative and Practical

The NPMA’s video series stands out for its informative and practical approach. The videos offer detailed explanations of stinging insect biology, habitats, and behavior patterns. They also provide helpful insights into the signs of infestation, potential risks, and recommended control methods. By providing specific examples and case studies, the series helps business owners gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, enabling them to make informed decisions when dealing with stinging insect issues.

In Conclusion

The NPMA’s new video series on stinging insect management is a valuable resource for local business owners in the pest control industry. By offering guidance on dealing with various stinging insect species, the videos equip business owners with the necessary knowledge and techniques to safely handle infestations. With its informative and practical approach, the series promotes effective pest management practices, ensuring the protection of businesses and their customers.