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Time to Get Rid of Unsightly Stumps With Expert Stump Removal Service

Are hideous stumps becoming an eyesore, a safety hazard, and a nuisance to deal with? We get it — they steal the precious beauty of your meticulously crafted, lush green yard. But put your worries to rest as Wausau Tree Service Pros is a leading expert in stump grinding and stump removal service. 

Our certified tree arborists come to your site with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Be it hard-to-reach stumps or pesky roots that refuse to budge, we tackle it all with ease. Our powerful stump grinders and skillful precision make your property look like a piece of fresh art.

A delay in stump removal can put the stumps at risk of insect infections and damage. So don’t hesitate to reach out to our tree service experts. Call us today to spot the stump challenges and deliver a safe and fuss-free removal process. Our friendly and trained tree arborists will reach your site in no time. 

Get Safe, Effective, and Quality Stump Grinding in Wausau, WI, Today!

Got a small stump in your backyard or a massive one blocking your commercial property? Worry not, we’ll take care of your bleeding or oozing sap with our specialized stump grinders. 

At Wausau Tree Service Pros, our professional team is skilled to remove tree roots thoroughly from the ground. We closely assess each stump, develop a customized action plan, and deliver our job safely. 

So what’re you waiting for? Let us get that unsightly stump out of your sight and out of your mind! Call us today and get a free price estimate. We’ll reach your site in no time to refurbish your yard. 

Stump Grinding in Wausau - Frequently Asked Questions

A decaying stump disturbs the aesthetic appearance of your yard. More importantly, it is a tripping hazard and can even house pests and bacteria. In fact, it can also infect surrounding trees and make them sick. It is why we offer meticulous and professional stump removal service so that your yard looks clean and happy.

A depth of 6 to 12 inches below the ground level is good enough to remove a majority of tree stumps. However, there is no one-fit-all answer to this question. The depth generally varies depending on the tree type, size, and root system. Don’t worry — our specialized tools allow us to grind down to the desired depth, no matter how shallow or deep.

No, but only if you take help from a professional stump grinding service. If you attempt to do it yourself without the right tools and knowledge, it may result in injury or damage to your property. Our trained stump removal specialists take care of neighboring trees, nearby structures, and underground utilities or irrigation systems to not cause any damage.