Wausau, WI

Should You Leave the Leaves?

Key Points:

– Composting or mulching leaves in place is beneficial for the environment and can improve the health of your soil.
– Leaving leaves on your lawn can cause damage to the turfgrass if not properly managed.
– Composting leaves creates valuable organic matter that can be used as fertilizer for your garden.
– Mulching leaves in place can help retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and improve soil structure.
– By avoiding the landfill, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting local ecosystems.

In Conclusion:

The decision of whether to leave or remove leaves depends on your specific circumstances. If left unmanaged, leaves can harm your lawn. However, composting or mulching leaves in place can provide numerous benefits such as enriching the soil, promoting healthier plants, and reducing waste. Consider implementing these practices to make the most out of fallen leaves and contribute to a sustainable environment.