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The Top 10 Most Popular Lawn and Landscaping News Stories in 2023

1. “How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Service for Your Business”

– Tips for finding the best lawn care service for your business
– Importance of considering experience, reputation, and services offered
– How to get quotes and compare prices

2. “The Latest Trends in Landscape Design”

– Overview of the current trends in landscape design
– Incorporating sustainability and eco-friendly practices
– Creative use of colors, textures, and plant varieties

3. “Creating a Drought-Tolerant Landscape”

– Techniques and strategies for designing a landscape that can withstand drought conditions
– Plant selection and irrigation methods for conserving water
– Benefits of drought-tolerant landscapes for businesses

4. “Effective Weed Control Methods for Lawns”

– Different methods for controlling weeds in lawns
– Importance of identifying and understanding different weed species
– Combination of cultural, mechanical, and chemical approaches for effective weed management

5. “Improving Outdoor Spaces: The Benefits of Landscaping for Businesses”

– How landscaping can enhance the appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces
– Benefits of landscaping for businesses, including increased customer visits and employee morale
– Tips for creating inviting and well-maintained outdoor areas

6. “The Importance of Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques”

– Reasons why proper lawn mowing techniques are crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn
– Tips for mowing at the right height, frequency, and pattern
– Avoiding common mistakes that can damage the lawn

7. “Winter Lawn Care: Essential Tips for a Healthy Spring Lawn”

– Key lawn care practices to prepare for a healthy lawn in spring
– Importance of proper winter fertilization and aeration
– Protecting the lawn from cold weather and snow damage

8. “Choosing the Right Plants for Commercial Landscaping”

– Factors to consider when selecting plants for commercial landscaping
– Sunlight, soil, and water requirements of different plant species
– Using plants to match the aesthetics and branding of the business

9. “The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care for Your Business”

– Advantages of using organic lawn care methods for businesses
– Avoiding harmful chemicals and promoting environmental sustainability
– Increased interest and demand for eco-friendly practices

10. “Key Strategies for Pest Control in Landscaping”

– Identification and prevention of common pests in landscaping
– Integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for effective control
– Hiring professional pest control services when needed

In conclusion: Turf magazine’s most popular lawn and landscaping news stories in 2023 cover a wide range of topics, including selecting the right lawn care service, landscape design trends, drought-tolerant landscaping, weed control, and the benefits of landscaping for businesses. The articles also provide valuable insights into proper lawn mowing techniques, winter lawn care, plant selection, organic lawn care, and pest control strategies. These resources offer valuable information for local business owners in the lawn and landscaping industry, helping them stay informed and make informed decisions.