Wausau, WI

Top 20 Regions for Spotted Lanternfly

1. Pennsylvania

2. New Jersey

3. Delaware

4. Maryland

5. Virginia

6. New York

7. Ohio

8. Connecticut

9. Massachusetts

10. Rhode Island

11. West Virginia

12. North Carolina

13. Michigan

14. Indiana

15. Illinois

16. Wisconsin

17. Georgia

18. Tennessee

19. South Carolina

20. Florida

In Conclusion

The top 20 regions for spotted lanternfly include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, West Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. These regions have experienced a significant presence of spotted lanternfly populations and are actively working on prevention, control, and eradication strategies to protect their ecosystems and agricultural industries.