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Get Exceptional Tree Care With Top-Rated Wausau Tree Trimming Service Provider

Walking through a serene garden full of thriving trees is a calming experience.

However, the same trees, when left unattended for long periods of time become an eyesore.

From unattractive branches to infested limbs, many factors can damage the stunning look of your yard. So, to maintain a healthy yard and gorgeous landscape, you must never ignore the importance of tree trimming and maintenance – and that’s where Wausau Tree Service Pros come into the picture. We are a leading and local tree service company in Wausau and other surrounding areas of Wisconsin, passionate about keeping your trees in good condition.

Our 20+ collective  years of long-standing experience equip us with the right knowledge to know how to make each precise cut for optimal tree health. You can contact us for the following tree care and maintenance solutions:

  • Removal of dead or dangerous branches
  • Removal of rotting or dead limbs
  • Tree pruning and height reduction
  • Prevention and treatment of infested trees
  • Improve tree’s appearance and health

So why keep an untidy yard when you can have a beautiful, well-shaped one at affordable rates? Call our professional tree arborists now to keep your trees green and glorious.

Contact Us to Get the Best Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in Wausau!

Do you feel amazed by immaculate-looking trees growing tall, strong, and straight up toward the sky? Or do you wonder how trees grow around structures, maintaining a specific shape? Well, these stunning and healthy growth patterns are all the magic of tree-trimming professionals like Wausau Tree Service Pros.

Our certified tree arborists can transform your yard into a safe haven with our professional tree trimming and maintenance services. Trust our personalized tree care solutions to handle all your yard needs – call our locally-reviewed tree doctors now and enjoy a lush yard. 

Tree Trimming Arborists in Wausau - FAQs

While tree trimming appears to be for aesthetic purposes, its benefits go beyond that. Here is how tree trimming helps – 

  • Enables healthy growth of trees, thereby making branches strong and vibrant.
  • Prevents unplanned growth into your home or other people’s property. 
  • Improves air circulation, which reduces the risk of fungal diseases and insect infestations.
  • Stimulates growth to provide a fuller, more lush tree.
  • Maintains long-term health and beauty of your trees.

It is recommended to trim young trees every 1-5 years. For more mature trees,  a 5-10 year cycle may work well. Having said that, you can’t generalize this time frame for every tree. The tree trimming frequency varies based on the species, age, and location of your trees. 

The best time to trim your trees depends on the tree species and your location. If you have maple, oak, birch, elm, or other deciduous trees in your yard, call our tree service professionals during their dormant season in winter. Evergreen trees need trimming during their growing season in summer.