Wausau, WI

Women of the Green Industry to Host Two Meetings

Expert Beth Berry to be Featured at Virtual Meeting

In June, Women of the Green Industry will hold a virtual meeting. The spotlight will be on Beth Berry, the VP of Sales for Advanced Turf Solutions. Attendees can learn and ask questions about various aspects of the industry.

In-Person Meeting to be Held at Purdue University

In July, Women of the Green Industry will be hosting an in-person meeting at Purdue University. Topics for discussion will include climate change, business management, and more. Attendees will have a chance to network and participate in a tour of Purdue’s campus.

In Conclusion

Women of the Green Industry will host two meetings in the upcoming months. Beth Berry from Advanced Turf Solutions will be featured at the virtual meeting, while the in-person meeting will be held at Purdue University. Attendees can expect to learn, network, and participate in discussions centered around the industry.